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Our congregation is encouraged to recommend useful websites for inclusion on this page. They are also urged to report any inappropriate content in the websites to which we provide links (e.g., casino banner ads over a road map to our church).

Our Denomination
Reformed Church in America
Reformed Church World Service (RCWS)
RCA Synod of Albany
FRC Site at Times Union Communities
RCA Camp Fowler

Mission & Benevolence
     Primary NGO coordinator

Church World Service
     CWS is the umbrella organization for numerous
      protestant denominations in the National
      Council of Churches, so RCWS is not a separate
      entity vis-a-vis InterAction.

Educational Affiliations
New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Hope College
Union College
Capital Region Theological Center

Daily Lectionary
Creeds of Christendom

1986 Belhar Confession
(World Alliance of Reformed Churches)

     New Study Guide Explores the Belhar Confession (RCA)

     South African Christianity (Bethel University Website)
     The Belhar Confession (1982-1986)

Andover-Harvard Theological Library > E-Resources 

Sacred Texts
Bible Gateway
oremus Bible Browser (has NRSV)
Biola Bible Browser (has NRSV)
Bible Study Tools on
Torah Portions - Contents

Islam / Qur'an:

     Islam (Submission) Independent website
     Commentaries on many issues.

     The Qur'an (Three translations, USC-MSA Compendium)

Bible Study
Kerygma Bible Study Website

Hymns, With Music

Community Links
Schenectady County Public Library
Schenectady Museum
Nijkerk Exchange
Schenectady County Historical Society
Schenectady Stockade Association
Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp.
Schenectady County Chamber Of Commerce
Story Circle of the Capital District

Interfaith Links
Congregation Gates of Heaven
Islamic Center of the Capital District

Local Service Organizations 
Bethesda House
Concerned for the Hungry
Schenectady Inner City Mission
Better Neighborhoods, Inc.
City Mission

Political Action
U.S. Congress
County of Schenectady
City of Schenectady
Schenectady Metroplex Authority
New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty

Congrgational Care
Stephen Ministries
The Community Hospice

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Adult Forum Speakers/Topics

· Reformed Church in America
· Reformed Church World Service (RCWS)
· RCA Synod of Albany

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